Monday, June 17, 2019

"Come Howl With Us" Is The First In A New Cassette Series From SLN!

Last month, I released a digital single called "Come Howl With Us".  The tune is the theme song for the Werewolf Radar podcast and there are two versions, a Full and an Edit.  A physical release was threatened when the digital single dropped and that threat is now realized!  The Charlie Continental "Come Howl With Us" cassette is the first installment of Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings' brand new Hand Dubbed Buddies Club, or HDBC for short!  What on earth is the Hand Dubbed Buddies Club?!  It's a pretty simple concept.  The HDBC features made to order custom casssettes, hand dubbed and numbered with a personal note from SLN and/or the recording artist.   A download link is included.  HDBC cassettes are only available directly through SLN or the artists themselves.  Customers that order a HDBC release are encouraged to leave SLN and/or the artist a personal note at web store checkout.  Cuz we're all gonna be buddies (if we aren't already) and that's all it takes to be part of the all-inclusive club!  Wanna be an ultra club member?  Sign up for an annual subscription to the club!  HDBC annual subscribers will get Gold Mail Order Edition cassettes numbered in orange plus cool bonuses, while those fans that purchase releases individually will get Gray Open Edition cassettes numbered in blue.  To learn more and subscribe, go HERE.  SLN thinks the HDBC is a fun way to be more connected through music and counter-culture, plus it offers a physical format (with cool consistent packaging, plus the gold cassettes match their gold company 45 sleeves!) for releases that might not see a physical pressing otherwise.  My SLN-164/HDBC-001 open edition cassette is available for order in their web store HERE and the digital version is still up on my bandcamp HERE as well as all the other streaming and download sites.  Thanks for listening- again!

Monday, May 20, 2019

"Come Howl With Us" Digi-Single Out Now!

Hey internet, I'm back at it with the jingles!  Werewolf Radar is a spooooky podcast that asked me to write them a tune for their relaunch which is slated for 5/27/19 and I was happy to oblige.  It's called "Come Howl With Us" and there are 2 versions, a full and an edit.  You can hear both and kick me a tip (if ya wanna, don't gotta!) on my bandcamp page HERE.  I'll figure out some sort of physical release through Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings at some point too.  Thanks for listening!


Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Check It Out! There's A Super Smoot Remix Track & Custom Record Available!

Hi!  Me and YouTube sensation Heaty Beat have teamed up to release the "Quit Wastin' My Time (Smoot High Or Die Remix)" track.  The digital version is OUT NOW!  This is a donation-based release, available through the Charlie Continental bandcamp site or the Snappy Little Numbers bandcamp site.  Qualifying donations will receive a custom made stereo lathe cut 7" FOR FREE!  Read on for more details...

"Quit Wastin' My Time (Smoot High Or Die Remix)" is a collaboration between myself (Charlie Continental!) and
Heaty Beat on the theme song for the truTV show Those Who Can't.  

Heaty Beat is a Those Who Can't superfan, high school student, talented rapper and burgeoning producer.  All the proceeds generated from fan donations for this track will go directly to Heaty Beat so she can continue to build her home recording setup.  

As an added bonus, any individuals that make a donation of $12 and up between 4/23/19-5/7/19 will receive a custom made, limited edition, hand numbered, stereo lathe cut clear 7" vinyl record of this track shipped to them for free! (Custom records will ship in late June-early July 2019)

If you donate $12 or more, please email your address and list your donation amount so we can be sure to verify things and get your custom 7" made and shipped ASAP!

Please help us raise some money for a great talent and claim your copy of this super limited record!

Thanks folks!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Hi! I Guess It's 3 Years Later!

Wow!  I kinda forgot to keep up with this blog.  Well, here's an abbreviated version of what's happened to me in the last 3 years: SPELLS made lots of records, a couple videos, did a few tours and played lots of shows.  Bad Year, Dust Heart and Sophisticated Boom Boom also made some records and played some shows.  I became an econo-type record producer.  Those Who Can't aired it's 2nd and 3rd seasons.  Nothin' But Time, the B side to Quit Wastin' My Time, became the theme song for a Portland, OR based independent whiskey home-distillery company called (fittingly) Whiskey LabI partnered with a friend to launch Indie Rock Daydream, a screenprinting-apparel-merchandise company.   Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings put out tons of releases, Snappy Little Numbers Entertainment DJ'd a bunch of events and Snappy Little Archives got off the ground.  There!  That's basically it, aside from my personal life (which is pretty good).  More stuff is coming very soon (there's a big hint in the site header picture)!  Thanks for visiting!  

Friday, February 26, 2016

"Time" Cassingle Out Now!

The wait is over, the "Time" cassingles are in stock now.  There were 100 pressed on gray cassette shells and a download code is included.  Order from Snappy Little Numbers right HERE.  You can also find them in the Denver area at Wax Trax, Mutiny, Twist & Shout, Black & Read and Chain Reaction.  Thanks in advance!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

"Time" Digi-Single Out Now!

Ahead of the cassingle release, "Time" is now available as a digi-single. You can grab it from my bandcamp right HERE. It will be appearing on all your other favorite digital platforms but I have the best deal of course. In case you missed it, the A-side, Quit Wastin' My Time, is the theme song from truTV's new show Those Who Can't that just happens to feature SPELLS' own "Little" Stevie Shithead. Make sure you tune in Thursday 2/11/16 for the premier!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pre-Order My New Cassingle!

My debut cassingle, "Time" is now up for pre-order through Snappy Little Numbers right HERE.  It features Quit Wastin' My Time, the theme song from the truTV show Those Who Can't plus the B-side Nothin' But Time.  Two short but sweet jangly pop tunes for your earholes.  The digi-single will be out tomorrow but if you're a collector like me then reserve one of these suckers for yourself.  Thanks!