Monday, June 17, 2019

"Come Howl With Us" Is The First In A New Cassette Series From SLN!

Last month, I released a digital single called "Come Howl With Us".  The tune is the theme song for the Werewolf Radar podcast and there are two versions, a Full and an Edit.  A physical release was threatened when the digital single dropped and that threat is now realized!  The Charlie Continental "Come Howl With Us" cassette is the first installment of Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings' brand new Hand Dubbed Buddies Club, or HDBC for short!  What on earth is the Hand Dubbed Buddies Club?!  It's a pretty simple concept.  The HDBC features made to order custom casssettes, hand dubbed and numbered with a personal note from SLN and/or the recording artist.   A download link is included.  HDBC cassettes are only available directly through SLN or the artists themselves.  Customers that order a HDBC release are encouraged to leave SLN and/or the artist a personal note at web store checkout.  Cuz we're all gonna be buddies (if we aren't already) and that's all it takes to be part of the all-inclusive club!  Wanna be an ultra club member?  Sign up for an annual subscription to the club!  HDBC annual subscribers will get Gold Mail Order Edition cassettes numbered in orange plus cool bonuses, while those fans that purchase releases individually will get Gray Open Edition cassettes numbered in blue.  To learn more and subscribe, go HERE.  SLN thinks the HDBC is a fun way to be more connected through music and counter-culture, plus it offers a physical format (with cool consistent packaging, plus the gold cassettes match their gold company 45 sleeves!) for releases that might not see a physical pressing otherwise.  My SLN-164/HDBC-001 open edition cassette is available for order in their web store HERE and the digital version is still up on my bandcamp HERE as well as all the other streaming and download sites.  Thanks for listening- again!

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