Thursday, September 26, 2019

"Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos" Is Out Now!

I have a new release out today on cassette/digital called "Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos"!  The cassette is part of the Snappy Little Numbers Quality Audio Recordings Hand Dubbed Buddies Club.  It's the 5th cassette of the 2019 HDBC and you can learn more about it, join the club (gold cassettes) or order individually (gray cassettes) HERE.  All cassettes come with download links.  It's also available digitally on my bandcamp HERE as well as all the other usual digital/streaming sites.  I wrote and recorded the songs on "Staycation: The Early SPELLS Demos" in 2012, prior to the formation of SPELLS.  They became the first 3 songs SPELLS learned and updated (plus Staycation became Left Behind).  The SPELLS versions sound like a real gosh darned band.  These versions sound like some dude screwing around.  Both assessments are accurate, for better and for not-as-better-but-still-fun.  These songs became SPELLS songs and are still played because of my very talented and patient friends: Rob, Ben, Don and Lauren.  I thought it would be cool to put out the raw beginnings of a band I've had the time of my life with.  Thanks for checking it out!

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